Your account

If the customer uses the site Musical Works, then he or she will be responsible for maintaining account confidentiality along with the password for restricting computer access. They also need to accept responsibility for the activities which occur under the account or password. Musical Works reserves the right to refuse the services, account termination, remove or edit the content, and cancel the orders. 


By purchasing the Musical Works products from the website, you agree to bind and accept the agreement. Orders are not binding on Musical Works until accepted. We as a team also reserve the right for refusing the service to anyone. Our site will indicate its acceptance of the order by replying to mail, by phone, or by shipping the items. Our company also holds the right to cancel the part ship orders as per convenience and necessity. 


Product descriptions with the pricing and availability change quickly. Musical Works does not warrant the accuracy of the information provided on the website. If there will be any changes in the pricing, availability, or transportation, the charges will be intimated to the user, and approval obtained through mail or phone or by any means of communication. 

Limited quantities 

Some of the Musical Works products are also available on promotion or special deals for the stipulated time until stock last. Musical Works holds the complete right to amend or discontinue any sale that may be applied without the requirement to provide the reason for the same. 

Shipping charges- taxes and title 

The charges for shipping and handling will be shown on the order form. Orders placed during holidays and non-business days will be processed on the next business day. For security precautions, the order and order shipping to the alternate addresses can be held for verification purposes. We have reserved the rights for making the part shipments that will not relieve you to pay for the remaining deliveries. The items purchased from Musical Works are made under the shipment contract. It means that the risk of loss and the titles for such items may pass to the customer upon delivery to the carrier. If you want to know more about our shipping policy, rates, delivery times, and delays, then please refer to the shipping policy. 

Billings and payments 

The musical instruments and accessories supplied will come with an official GST invoice. If the payment is made in advance, then the order will be dispatched after receipt of the same. 

Delivery mode 

The orders are shipped within 3-4 days, once the payment mode is confirmed and the order is in stock. But certain categories of the product have different times for delivery because of the product's nature. If the process of delivery is delayed for an extended time, then the customer will get the information. Please make a note that due to regulatory requirements or carrier availability, we can't supply products to multiple areas and locations. Instead, we will advise the customers if the area is not serviceable after placing the order. The time of the transit may vary depending on the location and mode of dispatch opted for. 

Dispatch modes 

All the shipments will be delivered to the customer's doorstep. For any reason, if we do not deliver the product, then you will get informed either by us or the logistic company. Keep a note that while we endeavor to have your shipment delivered to the doorstep, certain mitigating circumstances may necessitate the same which may be required to be collected by you from a location. 

Delivery option

This mode is only available for big and large items such as Acoustic Pianos, Organs, etc. The quote will be offered for the item by keeping in mind the location of dispatching, etc. Only once the quote is accepted and the shopping process is completed, the product will be delivered to the customer's address. 

Delivery time 

The time of the transit may depend on the location and dispatch mode. For forming an estimated amount, the customer is expected to receive the items and add time to dispatch along with transit time. Transit time will be displayed in the shopping cart. Keep a note that the transit timing is only based on the best efforts estimates which may be exceeded due to operational or logistic reasons which cannot be controlled. 

Cancellation/ refund policy 

Musical Works makes every possible effort to fulfilling all the orders placed with the help of our group stores. But please make note that there are certain orders which we are unable to process and need to be canceled. The situations which may result in order cancellation includes limitations on stock availability, inaccuracies or errors in product or pricing information, or any problems which have been identified through the credit or fraud avoidance department. Musical Works will communicate with you if any portion of the order is canceled. If the order is canceled, then the said amount will be refunded. 


In the event of a refund, it will be returned in the same mode as the payment is made. If the payment is by net banking or credit card, it will be refunded in the same way. Refunds are processed in 15 days and cheques will be sent to the customer's address only. 

Returns Policy 

We have tried our best to supply the products in pristine condition. But still, if the product is received in defect manner, it is a request to kindly send back the product for replacement. Make sure to send it after receiving the return authorization from us. It is because the items sent without authorization will not be accepted by us. Kindly make a verification that the product ordered by you is what you require when placing the order. 

No warranty Policy and service

All the products sold by Musical Works comes under no warranty policy. We value your opinions hence if you have any questions, please send a mail to